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Businesses in the Ozarks can utilize the GreenScore worksheet to quantitatively assess their performance on key criteria such as waste management, energy management, policy management, etc.


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The mission of Ozarks GreenScore is to educate, motivate and assist area businesses and organizations in adopting environmentally sustainable practices. We do this by using the GreenScore worksheet to quantitatively assess the organizations performance on key criteria such as waste management, energy management, policy management, etc. Organizations are recognized as Bronze, Silver, Gold or Green members based on their performance. Informational resources and technical assistance is available through the program to assist organizations in completing the worksheet, as well as, identifying and implementing additional opportunities to reduce waste and save money.

The Ozarks GreenScore program is completely voluntary and non-regulatory.

How Does the Program Work?

Participating in the program is simple. Just follow the following steps:

  1. Sign up to create an account with Ozarks GreenScore. Once your account is created begin filling out the online assessment to determine your initial score. Our available resource documents will help explain the assessment questions and guide your organization throughout the process.
  2. After you've determined your initial score compile a list of all the remaining questions where your business is not scoring points. Rank the list based on the estimated level of difficulty or investment needed (time and/or money) for implementation. Then develop a strategy that will move your organization into the highest level membership it can achieve in the short term.
  3. Identify additional strategies not listed within our assessment that your organization has implemented in order to reduce pollution or energy consumption and document these programs/projects.
  4. When your organization is confident in your performance, complete the online assessment and submit it.
  5. A representative from Ozarks GreenScore will contact you to schedule an onsite assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to review the completed worksheet and provide recommendations for any additional opportunities for your organization to reduce waste and save money. There will be a $75 fee for each certification. This is not an annual fee. It is a one-time fee whenever an organization reaches a level of certification. Ozarks GreenScore guarantees that your organization will save more than the $75 fee in the first year through the implementation of the GreenScore strategies. The $75 fee will be returned if this cost savings is not realized. See our GreenScore Cost Savings page for actual results by participants.
    • If your organization does not meet the minimal criteria, or scores below the lowest recognition level, the Ozarks GreenScore team will provide information and resources to help improve your performance for future applications. No fee is assessed if your organization does not reach a certification level.
  6. If your organization qualifies for recognition, you will be sent an information packet along with the report that will include an approved logo for use on letterhead or other printed materials, a window decal and resource information. Your organization will also be added to the list of recognized Ozarks GreenScore organizations and publicized on the website and other publications.

Presented By:

Ozarks Center For Sustainable Solutions Drury University SIFE Partnership For Sustainability